Isabel Elias Apodaca

Motivational Speaker

Isabel Elias Apodaca is committed to being an inspiration to everyone who comes into her life. She is the Queen of Inspiration. Her years of training and personal development have given her the foundation to do what she does. She is highly effective in bringing clarity, joy and change to people who are struggling with personal and professional issues..

Isabel pulls from many modalities where she is an expert to help people find joy and peace in their life. Those modalities include Hypnotherapy, Performance Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and energy healing through Reiki and Crystal Healing.

Isabel has helped hundreds including teens and young children through Private Sessions, Group Sessions as well as Classes/Workshops and Seminars. Her work in healing the inner-child is on the leading edge.

Isabel Elias Apodaca is also a Professional Speaker and Published Author. Her book, Mr. Worm Senor Gusano is a children’s book about a curious worm that journeys through life facing lots of challenges. Those challenges make him strong and courageous. Her book is loved by children as well as adults. It is written in English and Spanish.

Isabel holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, completed course of study in the Master’s Program from California State University of Los Angeles and is a retired teacher from Montebello Unified School District. She also held position as Counselor for “at-risk” students. Wrote and directed Conflict Mediation Programs for the school district.

One of Isabel’s project is a One Woman Show, a stage performance. designed to empower and promote healing to women who have been victims of physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse.

Isabel’s Accomplishments